Theresa Duong Arts
Website Design

Theresa Duong is a Jewellery Designer and Goldsmith and was in need of a website that can be customized to her communication needs, while using Shopify's platform. The most important aspects of Theresa's website was to establish a hierarchy to her content and clearly communicate what her brand and services are. Already having a successful business, a steady flow of commissions for custom rings, the challenge was to streamline the communication between TDA and its customers.

My role as a UX/UI Designer was to understand Theresa's experience as a business owner, her process from beginning to end, and what she's learned so far from her customers. In discussion with Theresa and developer Vincent Chan, our weekly meetings allowed us to collaborate on designing web features that would help meet Theresa Duong Art's business goals. The technical challenges I had as a designer, was to research existing conventions, sketch wireframes, create high fidelity mockups, and export assets for the developer. Outside of the designer role, I also provided photography, photo editing, and videography for the website. 

View the website live:

Process work on Blog (Coming Soon) 


Theresa Duong

UI/UX Designer
Daniel Kim

Front-End Web Developer
Vincent Chan

Writer & Editor
Meagan Gillmore

Design Tools
Nikon D750
Nikkor 24mm f/1.4G & 50mm f/1.8
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Illustrator CC
Adobe InDesign CC


Arriving on the Homepage reveals a fullscreen video that immediately sets the tone of Theresa Duong Arts, a service that designs fine Jewellery crafted by Theresa Duong.


The homepage was designed to direct users to Theresa Duong Art's introduction and services. We wanted to make sure that users would enter the site and be able to identify what this site is and the services it provides.  



Since designing custom rings is one of Theresa's primary business, it was important that her website informed potential customers on the process of customizing. As many of her customers inquire as first time buyers, Theresa wanted to make sure that they can be informed of the process, and feel comfortable throughout consultation.


When designing the site, it was important to design with white space to break down portions of content and bring rhythm to the narration. The design of the composition attempts to have users focus only on a particular set of information before they move on the next section.


Along with customized jewellery, customers can purchase TDA designed collections in the 'Shop' page. Customers can navigate through different collections either through the product images or the side navigation on the left hand side of the page. 


The 'Stories' page is a great addition to the TDA website. Not only can Theresa showcase her work at a glance, but she brings transparency to her process of producing a custom ring with her clients, that tells a unique story of its own.


The overall design approach for the screen size was desktop-first, while composing elements in a layout that would be able to collapse onto one another for mobile.