Conceptual Editorial Project : Sip Magazine

Sip Toronto is a conceptual publication produced in OCAD University’s Editorial and Publication Design 2 course, instructed by Fidel Peña. Sip Toronto is a publication geared towards the public who are interested in casually getting a taste of Toronto through the theme of coffee and local neighborhoods. 

The objective was to produce a cover, table of contents, front page, and inside spreads. Focusing on coffee culture and cafés, the challenge was to create a strategy that would allow the design to communicate its theme and purpose. I approached this challenge by using a smaller format, 6.5”x 9”, so it can be easily carried around. The masthead is in lowercase to make it more approachable and mellow, and the photographs/illustrations are done to compliment the leisurely mood of the magazine. The rounded typefaces Mensch and Caecillia LT Std were chosen for headlines and subheads, while Univers LT Std provided an easy read for the body copy.


Fidel Peña

Nicola Hamilton
Studio Plaid

Morris Lum
Dennis Marciniak
Jesse Milns

Brett Kelly
Gizelle Lau
Robyn Urback